Some facts to understand about IVF and ICSI

  • Some drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries to raise oocytes. These drugs have temporary side effects like nausea, headache and abdominal bloating.
  • In a very small percentage of patients, there can be hyper stimulation of ovaries called ovarian hyper stimulation. In some patients there can be poor or absent stimulation of ovaries in spite of using a very high dose of drugs. Under these circumstances treatment cycle may be cancelled
  • There is no guarantee that:
  • Oocytes will be retrieved in all case.
  • Oocytes will be fertilized.
  • That after fertilization, resulting embyos will be of suitable quality for transfer.
  • All these unforeseen situations will result in cancellation of any treatment.
  • There is no certainty that a pregnancy will result from these procedures even in cases where good quality embryos are transferred.
  • Medical and scientific staff can give no assurance that any pregnancy will result in the delivery of a normal living baby.