ART ( Artificial reproduction technique)

  • In these techniques ovum of the woman is removed under ultrasound guidance from her ovaries and then fertilized externally with the sperm of husband or donor.
  • Ovulation is induced with the help of medicines and monitoring for ovulation is done with ultrasound. Multiple follicles are induced to mature and eggs are removed from mature follicles.
  • Multiple eggs are removed and fertilized with semen out side woman body.
  • In IVF( In Vitro Fertilization) ovum is bathed with processed semen. One of the sperm naturally penetrates the ovum to fertilize it. Fertilized egg ( embryo) is then placed in the uterus of mother.
  • In ICSI ( Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection), to ensure fertilization, one of the sperm is artificially injected into the ovum.
  • According to NICE guidelines, an eligible woman who is not able to conceive, even after two years of unprotected regular intercourse or 12 cycles of artificial insemination, should be considered for IVF.