About Creations IVF

Creations IVF is a fertility centre, which is run by a team of qualified professionals under the leadership of Dr.Reena Khandelwal.


Parenthood is a bliss and every couple deserves it. We make best use of art and science of medicine to make this dream of parenthood come true.

Description :

Creations IVF is managed by a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals in fertility care under the able leadership of Dr. Reena Khandelwal.
Dr. Reena Khandelwal is a qualified Obstetrician & Gynecologist. She has received specialised training in IVF and and artificial reproduction techniques.
Creations IVF provides complete management of fertility related problems. A large number of patients are blessed with babies with proper management of underlying medical problems or surgical problems.Small percentage of patients require In Vitrio Fertilization ( Test tube baby) Our team has a very high success rate.
We believe that a proper use of science and art of medicine can help almost all couple achieve parenthood.
Our is an ethical organization and we undertake all procedures under the permitted limits of law and as per guidelines issued by government of India regarding Artificial Reproduction Techniques.International patients should check laws of their respective countries also. We can guide you in getting the proper attorney to assist you in fulfilling the legal requirements.For International patients, we can also help in arranging the accommodation. We have small and big guest houses as well as 5 Star hotels in the nearby locations.

About Dr. Reena Khandelwal

  • In medical practice since 1995
  • A post graduate( M.D.) in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Government Medical College, Nagpur.
  • Has received specialized training in fertility management.
  • Has received specialized training in Laparoscopic Gynecological surgeries.
  • Expert in fertility enhancing surgeries.
  • Has received training in Ultrasound and Color Doppler also.

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